Welcome to the Greg Walter Realty.  You have made the right choice by deciding to work for a firm that offers a truly excellent compensation package, unlimited potential for growth, and access to valuable resources for our agents.

Our plan is to grow organically by adding agents by offering agents the best working environment, and opportunity to earn a great living.  This includes more than just a great compensation split.  It is things like minimizing red tape, (while still maintaining compliance). Providing great communication regarding policies and procedures, to avoid uncertainty and encouraging automation to allow agents to work more efficiently.

One of most important advantages of working with Greg Walter Realty is the flexibility agents have to conduct and drive their own business, while still having a the support of a community of like minded agents.


On the horizon...

We would like to add some additional services at no or minimal additional cost to agents that were with the firm from the beginning.  We will be able to accomplish as we scale up in size.  Growing in size will add credibility to our collective brand.  Unlike some other similar firms and 100% brokerage firms, we do not take every agent.  Nor are we seeking only the best, because that would limit our opportunities as a firm.   If you have know of an agent that you would like to work with, there is a good chance they would make a great addition to the firm.  Feel free to refer agents to me for follow up, and take advantage of our generous recruitment bonuses.

- Greg Walter